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    Default Does Your Deparment Allow?

    1. Does your deparment allow or have a rule concerning Paid and/or Volunteer members to join other deparments in your area?

    2. What is your opinion of members in your deparment joining other departments.

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    Default Others

    We have about six of our nine who Volunteer for other cities. There are two who live far from town and Volunteer in their city. The others are Volunteers for a neighboring city with one the son in-law of their chief. I see no problem as there has been no conflict yet.
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    As far as I know we allow career fire fighters to join if they so choose. Being that we are so close to D.C. there are quite a few DC fire fighters who are volunteers in Prince George's County MD. I also know some of our volunteers are also volunteers in different counties. How they manage to remain active at one station and be active at other is something of a mystery to me.

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    We are only allowed to belong to 1 department in the county. That is a county agreement and stems from an effort to keep the LOSAP numbers correct. There is nothing stopping us from joining a department in another county except our ability to meet membership participation requirements of both departments.

    Personally, I would rather a person committ to 1 department. Splitting you time between 2 departments tends to hurt both departments.

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