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    I'm sure this has been metioned before, but I am looking for some help on where to look for grants to start a Physical Fitness program at my department.
    I have been put in charge of this and it is my first time having anything to do with grants. So, basically I am lost and starting from scratch.
    Could someone point me in the right direction, or have some of you recently applied for a grant of this nature.
    Thank you in advance!!!

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    Lots of fitness equipment is available through surplus programs and through corporate donations (Golds Gym, etc.)

    Fitness items are eligible through the AFG program, but you'll be waiting about a year from now to even apply.

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    Equipment or physicals or a training program?

    If anyone has idea on physicals post it. Maybe SAFER???

    Tons of commerical fitness equipment available from DOD surplus. Every military base (and ship) has gyms and DOD typically buys high quality commericals stuff. Thru FEPP (state forester) we got a Moving van full (thanks to Mayflower Moving) of equipment of an aircraft carrier. Apparently when carrier comes in for a refit every couple years among other projects all the fitness equipment is replace. So a tip is look at the Major navy bases and at the right time you can find a complete gym vs misc items.

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    Physicals can be had under a safer grant. That is one of the things we requested last year.

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    I still chuckle at the fact that including physicals in your SAFER application will give you higher consideration, yet that was the only thing they cut from our award.

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