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    Default NREMT failed twice :( Help in Jacksonville?


    I found out I failed my emt exam today & am puzzeled. I did good in class, studied the book, used multiple online testing sites & did well & now failed again. What am I doing wrong? Is there a refresher emt test prep or anything of the such in the Jacksonville FL, area?


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    do you have the NREMT study guide?

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    Go to www.emtlife.com and ask there. You'll get much better advice than you will here. There's a whole entire section devoted to the NREMT.

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    EMT study guide and paying attention in class was enough for me. I do test well tho.

    If you failed it the NREMT twice they give you a break down in the letter that is sent explaining which areas you did poorly on. Read that and study those section(S) again really hard. Especially if they are the same both times.

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    Most common error on the written test is reading too much into the question.

    Read the question and take it at face value. Don't ask youself any questions beyond that. We have 2 members who have both failed it twice and have identified that they are having that issue.

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    Default Exam

    Hey best book out there is the newest brady book...succes for the paramedic 4th edition...i used it and passed on first shot

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    I just passed mine last week. I went to www.emtb.com and did some of their practice tests for each chapter. They have other stuff that you can buy, but I just did the free tests.

    I would also recommend the Success for EMT book. I forget who wrote it, but it has a couple hundred questions split by module. You can take that and find out what areas your weak in and then study those a little more.

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