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    Default Does being a firefighter in the Army help to become a wildland firefighter?

    I see questions of people asking if being a FF in the Army will help become a FF in the city. My question is will being a FF in the Army help me become a Wildland FF? Any and all information will be appreciated.

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    Default a little

    any fire experience will help but wildland ,fires are a hole other kettle of fish.with forest or plantation fires u have to read what the fire is going to wind direction heat altitude typography of land are all considerations that doesn't have a big impact on structural fire but are critical to reading veld forest or plantation fires. structural fires are normally contained between four walls wear the wildlands fires can move or change direction at any time at any speed and so on but the basic principals are similar. i don't no if this answers your question but this in short the reality

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    First rule of any fire fighting is open your eyes!! Do not rely on others to see and hear everything.
    What type of wild land fire fighting are you going for. ie remote area with hand tools or urban fringe with high asset values?
    Wildfire fighting covers a much larger area than a limited area. You never know what is around the next corner in terms of typography or weather. Team work with your own team is important however a large wildfire requires many teams and you rely on each other for information, safety and survival. Hey sounds just like the military.
    These views are my own and not of either my brigade or any other organisation.

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