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    Default Is the FireStore the cheapest (Leather Helmet)

    Seems that the fire store is the cheapest place for leather helmets. Does anyone know of a small mom and pop type fire distributor in their area that could beat the fire store's prices? I want to say I've seen someone mention a place on the east coast that had cheap prices...any help? Thanks

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    A lot of times the salesman from wherever your department gets thier equipment can beat thefirestore.com. But, as far as I've seen online, they've got pretty good pricing.

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    I bought an N6A a couple of weeks ago from them. They are on sale right now. Mine was $78 off. Previous to this, I got a quote from our local distributor. They were almost $100 more and that was before the $78 off sale price. I told him thefirestore price and he said there is no way they can come close because thefirestore buys in such bulk. They did beat thefirestore price on the Streamlight helmet light I bought when they first came out, so I bought that from them, but I couldn't go close to $200 more on the helmet.

    I have purchased a number of things from thefirestore.com and have had nothing but good experiences with them.

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    I just got my N5a from from D and A Fire Equipment for $415. they only have Natural color though so you'd have to paint it but I am willing to do that for the money I saved.

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    Sometime's allhandsfire.com can beat them out.

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    A lot of Quality Helmets on Ebay. Some are in Mint Condition, some you might have to send it off to some one who Refurbs or Repaints Leathers. Even with sending it off to someone to repaint, you will still save a lot of money buying one used.

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