My name is John Hocking and I am the founder of Heroes Hideaway Foundation. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you about the foundation. The foundation is new and we are just getting the ball rolling. This will be a national foundation and will help families of LODD firefighters. We would like to start helping families by the beginning of 2010. Here is what we would do:
-Contact the family and and offer support in the form of grief counseling.
-The family will be given information on handling grief and then assigned a counselor to help them work through the process.
-We will assist the family with finding resources to meet any physical needs they have.
-Once the family has a good foundation under them for beginning to rebuild their lives. We will send them to what we call a "Hideaway". This will be a comfortable place where the family can have undistracted family time. A place where they can use what they haved learned from counseling to help each other to move foreward in a possitive direction. It will be a place of comfort and healing, and a place where they can share experiences through a journal with other families.
When people don't grieve properly, it can lead to psycological, physical, emotional, and spritual problems. Sometimes these problems can be severe and can fragment a family. What we don't want is to have a tragedy on top of a tragedy.
For more information please visit heroeshideawayfoundation.com. Please help us to help the families left behind.