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    Default Droms and residency

    Anyone know where I could find out if a college dorm could count as residency?

    I'm in Jersey City, NJ attending school, and was wondering if I could use my dorm as residency for the next test.

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    I tried that for a test I had taken a few years ago and the city did not count it as residency.

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    never heard of anyone accepting dorms.

    When they say residency they mean permanent residency. Dorms are not permanent. Colleges don't even see them as permanent, no college uses your dorm room as a permanent address, they always make you give another one.

    Rule of thumb, if you wouldn't change your driver's license to where you are it probably won't fulfill the residency requirements. If you have to be enrolled in a school (often carrying a certain amount of credit hours) in order to live there, it won't count

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