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    Don't use 1 3/4 or 2 1/ radical, think outside the box, use 2 inch.

    In my humble opinion it is the perfect answer for higher flows with minimum staffing. My volly FD uses 2 inch exclusively for handline work and we generally move it with 2 people on the line. We use the Elkhart B-275GAT pistol grip shut off with a 1 1/4 inch slug tip, and the Elkhart 4000 series combo low pressure tip, 200 gpm at 75 psi. We underpump it initially to flow 160 gpm at about 55 psi at the nozzle and can go to 200 at 75 or go to the slug for 300 plus at around 40 psi at the tip.

    If your choices are 1 3/4 and 2 1/2 inch,the size of the fire, OR fire potential, determines the proper hoseline and fire flow. I would think your officers, or senior firefighters should be experienced enough to make the right choice. Or an SOG could be developed defining when to pull the larger line, merchantile, industrial, multiple residential properties, etc.
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    Stop mucking around and be safe.

    1 inch smooth bore tip on 5 inch LDH will get that matress fire out in a hurry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitefishfire View Post
    Is there any deprtment using a 2 1/2 for a interior attack line?
    Simply put....Yes, when the situation calls for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by firefuss View Post
    You've been on the job for 20 years or so, and yet you started another topic asking what defined a battalion... ?
    Actually not that surprising. Many depts don't use the military designations. Some use companies, stations, districts. As long as everyone knows the terminology, it doesn't matter.

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    Our main attack line is 1 3/4....a 2 1/2 could be put into operation if the situation calls for it. A high rise situation might call for a 2 1/2, but maybe not a residential dwelling. I remember when I was in the academy and we spent numerous days lugging a charged 2 1/2 up 3 or 4 flights of stairs with two guys, opening up the nozzle, move across the room with the open line, and go to the floor above and do it again. It wasn't fun by any means. And any small department will tire there guys out instantly. It gives another meaning of how to move hose with webbing and "rolling" it to get up flights of stairs.

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