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    Default 1934 Pirsch Firetruck

    Hello Firefighters,

    I am not a Firefighter, but I am a career army service member and a EMT (though expired at present) I am a UAV Warrant Officer with the 1st SF Group at FT Lewis WA. One of my hobbies is collecting military vehicles, while on a MV related website I found a interesting stories posted by a friend of mine in Columbus, GA:


    "This is sorta MV related because the vehicle was reportededly used on Fort Benning, Georgia waaayyy back when for a period of time.
    It is a 1934 Pirsch and is in very good condition...not running though.

    This Unit belongs to a group of Firefighters here in Columbus, Georgia who bought it with the intent of restoring it and starting a "mini" firefighters museum. Lack of private funds etc. has not let that happen. They were told it had to leave the fire station and it was outside under a tarp for several months. Then they were offered a storage shed to put it in where I'm sure it would have met a tragic fate.

    I coordinated with the folks who actually own her and offered to store it inside at my place where we can get her running, stopping etc. I feel confident that we can.
    In return..we get to use her at our displays and parades...manned by retired or active firefighters."

    With Regards,
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