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    Default Are EMT Certs transferable to Canada?

    I will be taking both my FF I, II and my Emt certs in Texas. I know the FF certs are good in Canada, but I'm not sure about the EMT. I'm asking as I'm a dual citizen, so I have the option of working in either Country.

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    You MIGHT be able to get reciprocal certification as an Emergency Medical Responder (basically first responder here), but you wouldn't be able to be on an ambulance with that. Canadians realize that 3 weeks of training is not enough preparation to have people's lives in one's hands for the length of an ambulance transport.

    Canadian BLS providers get college degrees before they set foot in an ambulance.

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    How do you have enough people to staff ambulances if you have to have a college degree to provide BLS?

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    Canadian EMS is no better or worse than US EMS. I went thru academy with some Canadians and they were equally trained to our standards. However, as far as transferring your EMS certs, I don't think that's going to work. Even with national registry.

    You'll probably have to take some Canadian courses to make it happen.

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    In Ontario, there is an equivalency process. Basically, you need 450 hrs of street time, a letter of reference and training records from the agency you worked for, original certificate or diploma, plus course curriculum from the institution you received you're training.

    If you're nationally registered, you do not need you're diploma/certs, or course outline.

    After that, there is a skills test and evaluation to determine eligiblity a to write the A-EMCA and be certified as an Ontario PCP (Primary Care Paramedic)

    The only other way is the 2 year college program that everyone else has to go through to become a Paramedic.

    As far as other provinces, you'll have to check therm out.

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