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    hi i have wanted to be a fire fighter all my life. i just graduated high school and im going to attend the university of new haven to study fire science. its allways been a personal goal of mine to become a member of the fdny of another big city department with lots of action. but with the recent economy i have been very discouraged with all of the fd cuts and hiring feezes i have see while browseing every site i can it looks as if its nearly impossible to get a job anywhere.. give me some hope!! some advice anything, im getting discouraged. thankyou for any help

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    galice, the economy is tough out there right now, but there are def still jobs out there and pretty soon this mess will be over and a lot of departments that have put off hiring will begin to hire again. Advice for getting a job now is the same that it always is...take every test that you can, study hard for each one and hit the gym! Just a hint on finding out about test, keep on eye on this forum people are pretty good about getting up testing information, but also search the internet every couple weeks, not all job postings get put on here (CT has a website linked to there state training website specifically for job postings in the state, check it out). Also consider looking at other firefighter forums and try networking with as many people as possible, going into a fire science program you will meet a number of people and don't be afraid to ask if they know of any testing.

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    I hate to be a doomer and gloomer, but it's going to be quite a while. Cities and counties are cutting staffing and closing stations, not hiring. Unfortunately this will be the case for quite some time.

    Congratulations on getting into the university. That was no easy accomplishment. You are right, the economy is brutal right now and is going to continue to get worse. It will turn around, but it is going to take some time. The best thing you can do right now is to keep your head down and work hard toward your Bachelors degree. In the long run it will help you get hired and ultimately will help you promote.

    What you can do is become the most qualified candidate that you can possibly be so when the economy turns around you are a prime candidate. This means complete an academy, earn your degree and work toward becomming a paramedic.

    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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