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    Default Jaws Power Unit Issue

    We have a Hurst Electric Power unit in a coffin compartment on our Rescue Engine; and was recently infromed by our Hurst dealer that they have noticed that some departments are having some issues with power units stored in coffin compartments. The Power Units are overheating and burning up (needed to be replaced). In my department we were talking about adding a fan to the compartment that would help circulate the air, but before doing this I thought it might be a good idea to see what others might have done.

    So any help on this issue would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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    Could you just keep the coffin lid open when you use it?

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    Off of the top of my head the fan would I think be the best fit for your problem. I remember someone making a fan for drying compartments that was 120-volt powered, I just don't remember who it was. It was designed for ventilation of 1/2 of a truck. I think you could plumb it just for your power unit compartment add some vents and have it switch on when you switch on the power unit.

    The other idea is a little over the edge but just about the same amount of wiring. You could replace your gas lift shock rods with a linear actuator. Then you could .have it wired so the hatch would open when gave power to the hrt power unit It could be on a timer which would shut the door after a few minutes and give the unit time to cool.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the help!
    We currently do get up and open the coffin compartment, but I was hoping to come up with a way to eliminate climbing on the truck unless neccessary. It was also installed in a coffin compartment that is under the hydraulic ladder rack.

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    When we ordered our new engine, we had the manufacturer make a vent directly over the HRT motor air-cooling fan. Kind of like a mushroom recesed into the top of the compartment door. Heat rises right out the top. The motors produce a lot of heat and the motors may have internal thermal overloads. The compartment has plenty of intake air due to holes for cables, hoses from the reels above, etc into the compartments below. If you do not have them, you could install open-mesh grating either to the outside or into the upper part of the hosebed. I personally would not add another electric motor (fan) or anything that may possibly open the compartment enroute or balking into the barn.

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