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    Default Bendix King Radio needed

    I'm posting this here because the BK seems to be fairly common in the western wildland scene. I am looking for a working, fully functional Bendix King EPH5142A portable radio in good condition or better. There aren't any on EBay and most of the internet serches just turn up old ebay ads. Any leads?

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    Skip the EPH and budget for a DPH. I don't know if the EPH was capable of narrowband, but nonetheless, if you had one, doubtful anyone could clone your radio to the incident freq's. May be able to do with a computer if the software still supports these.
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    Like Rx said, DPH. The majority of state and Fed.s have standardized to the DPH. So even if you did find a EPH Your alpha numeric won't cross over on a clone, and it will only clone with a "Smart-Clone" cable $125. They are a Major pain in the ***, and I don't know if you are Narrow band capable.
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    The DPH is a good option but at this time the GPH is also an excellent radio. We work with numerous State & Federal Agencies and most are still operating in Narrowband and have not started using Digital Freqs for major fire operations. We carry all digital radios mobile & portables and have the smart cables, the GPH has not given any trouble cloning, however the EPH are a nearly impossible.

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