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    Default Indoor Shooting Range Fire

    Has anyone had any experience with an indoor shooting range fire?

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    Last year in my country there had been one, with one fatality. I was not involved in any way so I can only report what I read on the newspapers, but it seems that the incomplete combustion of the ammunition propellant give raise to a deposition of flammable powder on the wall, in such a way that for safety reason a special cleanup is required. Something, probably an hot particle from a gun lighted it. Poor escaping route in the shooting line involved and the very quick spread of the fire gave rise to the fatality. I mean that it seem that the room flashed in less than 2 minutes from igniton, but I have no way to check out if the investigation has confirmed this timeline.
    I would think that deal with this kind of fire would require a precise reconstruction of the activity of the fire shooting range at the moment of the fire, checking for accountability of the firearms that were in that day, probably some advise by a firearms technician and a checking of the clean up procedure of the site, as well as an interview with all the shooters. As well as the usual checking of the fire loads, the electrical appliances and so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justice1024 View Post
    Has anyone had any experience with an indoor shooting range fire?
    I have no direct experience, but they pose some unique hazards.

    Lots of indoor ranges have thorough ventilation systems, that flow from behind the shooter. The moves particles from combustion downwind. If the system is not disabled when a fire occurs, it will feed oxygen to the fire and make it burn violently.

    Also, most indoor range workers get tested (blood tested) for lead contamination on a regular basis. Any Fire personnel who enter the "down range" portion of the facility should be tested for lead contamination.
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