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    I have been tasked with auditing an apparatus for NFPA compliance. This is not within my department. I will be comparing it to 1901 (2009) and the latest 1911 edition. It will be primarily based on if they have the loose equipment, hose lengths, nozzles, etc. required. I will mention things like chevrons as a recommendation, and Vehicle Data Recorders (not worth it to retrofit).

    Besides what is in 1901 and 1911 (and that is a heck of a lot) is there anything else you would use to audit or evaluate an apparatus, in this case a pumper?

    In Illinois there are no equipment lists (correct me if I am wrong) from the Fire Marshal that detail what should be carried on a pumper vs. a rescue pumper vs. a squad and so on.

    Aside from the equipment I will be looking for brake inspection records, pump tests, maintenance logs, OOS time, all of which is detailed in 1911. I am not actually going to inspect the apparatus physically or do a pump test, rather make sure the department is doing these things, or hiring a 3rd party to do them.

    So I ask, what else would you look for?

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    Unless is was contracted Jan 1, 2009 or later, it doesn't have to meet the 2009 edition of 1901 and most likely will not. It should only have to meet the edition that was in effect when it was contracted for purchase. If is was build prior to 1991 then the appropriate pamphlet would have be 19 rather than 1901 and the requirements were pretty thin back then. After 1991 the updates have been at regular intervals.

    As for equipment carried, the only list I am aware of that might apply would be ISO's list of equipment for an engine. I don't know how it is now but ISO used to be the gold standard in Illinois and almost every apparatus bid and order included the ISO required equipment.

    Since you stated you would be looking for records of pump tests I can assume it is not a new unit. Consequently, expecting it to meet the latest 1901 recommendations is not realistic. The annex in 1901 recommends that older apparatus be brought up to current standards when major work is performed on a unit but says nothing about regularly updating existing units with each new edition. Were you to recommend they do so and they ask around, most likely nobody will back up your position.

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    ISO equipment list. Some differences compared to NFPA1901.

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    Just one other quick recommendation: If fire vehicles in your state are required to be registered and inspected, make sure the vehicle is in compliance with all of your state weight, dimension, marking and lighting requirements. A lot of states don't require (or enforce) this compliance, and it's something a lot of departments pay little or no attention to anyway.

    And they should, whether it's required or not.
    "SYRACUSE - An ISO Class One Fire Department"

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