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    Question An appeal to those in the know.

    Hello all

    I have searched exhaustively and come up with very little for my efforts, aside from learning its best to know someone to get your foot in the door with firefighting.

    What I am trying to do is get a seasonal/temporary position on a wildland crew - either handcrew or engine.

    I just finished Fire Academy where I got my First Responder, Hazmat Operations, FFT1, FFT2 for structural fire. I also have my S130/S190, ICS100, ICS200, ICS700, and I have an A.A.S. Degree in Forest Technology.

    I just have one small problem - I live in Florida but I want to work out west, particularly the southwest.
    I have heard CALFIRE won't recognise any of my certifications, so I really don't want to go to California. Other than that I am completely flexible (Anytime, anywhere, any job - as long as its wildfire ).

    I have been checking USAjobs and AVUE but it really seems like those that can walk in and have a face to face with the folks in charge have a leg up on someone applying from afar through a computer program.

    Not to mention those sites are somewhat difficult to navigate at the best of times.

    A couple other questions I thought of:

    When is the ideal time to apply? When do fire seasons range in the southwest?

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    did you try the state Division of Forestry? also there are many federal forests, parks and preserves here in Florida..
    DOF is responsible for assembling the crews for western fire details, so you might want to talk to your local Forest Area Supervisor to find out the particulars (we are on national availability now through November, so you need to hustle)

    there are also some private contractors throughout the state (mostly engines) and a few logging outfits that may also send crews out west.
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    yeah, having credentials from Florida definitely hinders you. I have all the credentials you have, with the acception of Fire Officer I, all via the state of Wisconsin. I live 15 minutes from the border of Illinois, and they have their little quirks when it comes to hiring also. I can sympathize with you re: USAjobs. I applied numerous times for job on that site and only got on response, at all, and it was for a job in WI. Keep chippin' away, man. Don't give up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Breech31 View Post
    yeah, having credentials from Florida definitely hinders you.
    How so? I have always heard that FL is so hard to get out-of-state certs to pass that it'd be a no brainer taking a FL cert out of state, other than Cali, NY, TX, IL, AK...

    Jake - I have, and all paths with DOF lead to USAjobs. I really want to move out west, and combining my job-hunt with my efforts to move out west seems like the best thing to do. Maybe im wrong - I should just go, then worry about finding a job?

    Not to mention, as you probably know, wildland FFs here in FL hang on to their jobs. Really, any FF in Fl is hangin on for dear life to their job right now!

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    Default Work

    I think that you can get into the Federal Forest program. I have work along side a Florida Federal Lands manager on several fires in Idaho and Montana. You get certified there in Florida and work all over the U.S.
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    As long as your cert's for Wildland fire are NWCG approved courses they are accepted through out the US on federal level. We are hire crew members from acrossed the US. We are located in Region 1 Montana.

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    I'm in the SAME boat..

    well minus the AA
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    Quote Originally Posted by MTWILDMAN View Post
    As long as your cert's for Wildland fire are NWCG approved courses they are accepted through out the US on federal level.
    Call the places you wish to work and find out how they hire! Then follow through with the instructions and keep calling to check up on the hiring process. They may hire you to shut you up.
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