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    Post POV's

    What all can you put on your POV's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OFD1510 View Post
    What all can you put on your POV's.
    Trailer hitch, brush guard, off roading lights, tire chains, winch, wax, armor-all, spray on bedliner, roof rack, bike rack, ranch hand bumpers, big tires, alloy rims, sun visor, exhaust tips, hood scoop, spoiler, etc.

    Not that I have or would want most of that stuff, but I could put it on my POV.
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    Spinner rims the shiznit. Maybe some phat ground effectzzz
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    Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.

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    As many flashing lights as you can. In our area some of the more rural deparment allow POV's to respond to scene which are usually parked in the darn way and cause you to lay more supply lines than are needed. Just don't "redneck" it up...
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    Whatever your chief approves? The state lets you have the usual smattering of blue and white blinkies... but in the end, it comes down to how much teasing and mocking you get from your fellow firefighters, and ultimately, what your chief allows you to have. My department allows blue lights; two towns over, no blue lights - period.

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