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    Default Specs for AFG grant items

    I am trying to put together spec sheet for a physical fitness grant and exhaust system.
    My question is for AFG can you be brand specific? For instance there is a wide range of treadmills from really cheap that won't last long to really expensive. We want one that is durable and commercial grade. Can your specs be brand specific or just detailed so that it will get you the quality machine you are looking for?

    On exhaust systems, basically the same question. There are a bunch out there, we have been researching them and know that there are specific problems with certain manufacture's products for our department. I don't want to make the specs bidder specific, but need some help to ensure we meet the criteria for the AFG bidding requirements.

    If anyone has specs for either of these topics and would be willing to share please email me at: dwatson@enfd.org

    Any help would be great.


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    Two answers to that one. Simple answer, no brand names in bids, they have to be open enough so that multiple vendors can meet the specs and submit bids. On the treadmills there are so few options in the commercial grade I don't see that being an issue. After all once you run through Sears, your local Academy/Sports Authority type store, and a real gym supply place there's no comparison that the commercial grade is the best option. Also a 'bid' to DHS is a price for a product. Unless your local laws require it you don't have to have an advertised bid period, bid opening, etc. It can just be ads or printouts of web pages, especially for the treadmill. If they ever ask why you bought the high end, kind of an easy answer since the residential usage ones won't hold up. Just have to have a reason for buying what was bought over the options.

    On the exhaust like other products there has to be an evaluation scenario documented. So if you bring in the various reps and they say their's won't fit based on ceiling heights, you want hose or don't want hose, etc.

    The long answer is yes you can do brand name bids as long as an evaluation of multiple products was done BEFORE creating the bid and documented with no salespeople from the company or the department involved in the evaluation process. You are required to evaluate products either before or after the bids. Do it before, can do brand name bid, otherwise bid specs have to be open enough to get multiple responses. So you'd have to keep it generic and say 'NFPA compliant exhaust removal system, fully installed and tested', etc, etc, instead of dropping names in place.

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    Thank you very much.

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