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    Default Does The Netherlands Know More Than We Do?

    Question from a North Carolina fire chief that is in regards to a commercial software product that I use and mention during my University of Extrication seminars called the Crash Recovery System.


    mr. moore,
    reference our conversation by email some time ago, you referenced www.moditech.com as a source for cutting locations on vehicles to keep first responders from getting injured by components of hybrid systems as well as air bag or srs systems. will this company do the u.s. made vehicles, seeing that this company is european based? if not, is there a company that covers cars on the u.s. highways?

    My Reply:

    This is the weirdest thing. Although the people behind the Crash Recovery System software live and work in The Netherlands, they know more about our US vehicles than any of us ever thought of knowing.

    The version of the software sold to US-based fire and rescue teams includes US vehicles and does not even include vehicles exclusively sold in Europe. I get this question a lot but the company does a good job of showing us what we are up against here on US roads and highways.
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    I believe there are 3 versions of the program:

    The standard, where you enter the vehicle maker, model and other available information and get the info out, this includes standard European and American vehicles, it has 15 languages. (at least the program that is sold to us in Europe).

    Then there is the RDW, the standard features + the ability to based on the license plate get the information about the car and the correct model etc. Only available in a number of countries in Europe, I presume it's currently being expanded.

    Then there is the VIN version where you can scan the VIN code and get all the info based on that, only available in the Americas. (I presume this does not include cars that aren't found in northern America).
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    I subscribe to the on-line version of the Crash Recovery System, for personal knowledge and in training. I find it a valuable resource on North American vehicles.
    Eric J. Rickenbach ("EJR")
    Rehrersburg (Berks County), PA

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    I've used the system for sometime know and now I sell the system. I'm not going to beat my own drum. The best part is as fast as the cars change the system automatically updates as long as you have internet access. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks

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