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    I'm a senior this year in high school and i am interested in being a firefighter after high school. I was wondering what is it it like being a firefighter, and the salary and benefits also



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    Join an explorer post and you will get a head start into the fire sevice its great because departments like to choose people who they basicly trained them them selves.Im an explorer and ive learned so much soon i'll be a certified first responder at age 15.

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    If there are any volunteer departments in your area, look into joining after you gradaute/turn 18, you will get some good experience. Also if you want to go to college, look into a fire sceince degree if you want to do this as a career.

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    As 12 yr vet. of the fire service, i can tell you there are many rewards to joining either a paid or voll fire dept. The first one for any one that is wanting to join the fire service is the fact that you are helping people. Some of the other rewards are the brotherhood, tradtion's and history of the fire service. As far as you asking about salary's they all depend on how big a dept is, what state they are located in, and the level of training you have. Benifits are also the same thing but most include full benifits( health, dential, life ) and so forth. hope that help's you out some

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