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    how hard and how long does it take to become a battalion chief and how much is the pay any good? Also what kind of duties are involved?

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    That's going to depend on what department you're talking about. Different departments have different requirements and pay scales.

    My career department requires a minimum of 5 years on the department and 3 as a captain or higher. Also, an associate's degree is required, and will soon likely be bumped to a bachelor's. Pay starts around $42K/year if I remember right, compared to $27K for a starting firefighter.

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    Why not just start out as a Firefighter first and then work on being a BC in about 15 years?

    Battalion Chief in Southern California-

    Alhambra FD
    Agency: Alhambra FD
    Location: Alhambra, Los Angeles County, CA
    Final Filing Date: Thursday, August 13, 2009
    Salary: $7,702 - $9,598 per month
    Requirements: EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: A Bachelorís degree from an accredited four year college or university in fire science or related field. Extensive fire fighting experience in a Fire Department, with at least three years as a Fire Captain (acting time will not be counted as time in grade). KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Knowledge of: Ordinances, policies and regulations governing the administration and operation of the Fire Department; modern fire fighting principles, techniques and equipment, including tactics, pump operation, ventilation, salvage, operation and maintenance of special equipment and new developments in all phases of fire suppression work in metropolitan fire departments; principles of grading of fire departments, budgeting, training and related managerial tools; local geography and water supply system, local hazards in the City, and the conditions related to fire control of major buildings, including such factors as presence of fire equipment, heights, shafts, basements, general construction, and other building components; the fire alarm system, its operation and current condition; First Aid methods and instruction; elementary science, including physics and chemistry as applied to the fire service. Ability to: Lay out, direct and coordinate the work of a group of engine and truck companies; secure leadership authority, direct forcefully and with respect, and to maintain discipline and morale; instruct and train firefighters in proper work methods and techniques and in the use of fire apparatus and equipment; react quickly, calmly and efficiently incases of emergency; keep records and prepare routine reports; utilize tact and diplomacy in offering information and maintain cooperative working relations with other employees and the general public. LICENSES AND CERTIFICATES: Possession of a valid Class "B" California Driverís License, an active EMT I certification, or Los Angeles County Paramedic License; possession of California State Fire Officer Certificate (a Chief Officer Certificate is highly desirable).
    Immediate Openings:
    Expected Openings :
    Dept. Type : Paid
    Population: 91,000
    Number of Personnel:
    To Apply: No facsimiles or postmarks accepted. Applications are available at Alhambra City Hall - 111 S. First St., Alhambra, CA 91801, or by calling the 24 HOUR JOBLINE at (626) 570-3295. Phone contact: (626)570-5095. See web site below for complete details.
    F.D. / City Web Site:
    Announced By: Careers in the Fire Service

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    Quote Originally Posted by CALFFBOU View Post
    Why not just start out as a Firefighter first and then work on being a BC in about 15 years?-
    Maybe the poster is doing a research project for school. We have had several high school kids, ROP kids, and college students visit stations and ask like questions. If you are, contact your local fire dept and do an interview, or you can go online as Bou did and read job descriptions in your local area.

    If your not, then you should probably share your motive in your post.
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    I began 36 years ago.

    I made Lieutenant after 9 years.

    I made Captain after 14 years.

    I made Battalion Chief after 20 years.

    In between all of that, I went to college and earned several Batchelor Degrees and also an Associates in Fire Science.

    This doesn't include all the National Fire Academy courses, state, local, regional courses, updates and conferences earning credits

    My annual pay is over 6 figures and my retirement funds are growing. Hopefully I will be out of here in a couple when I reach my 60th birthday.

    You can begin in the trenches and work your way upwards. Everyone who comes on the job may or may not ever get promoted. Some departments may promote faster, but going up too quickly doesn't give you the time in grade to learn all that is associated with the job.

    Remember the more your go up the ladder the more ***** you will show!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by localtrainer75 View Post
    Maybe the poster is doing a research project for school.
    Not by the looks of the original posting. Most people state when they are doing a research paper. This looked to be a general inquiry.
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    Lets see I have been on the job for 9 years now (this november is my 10 year) I will include a list with my rank and base pay as it as progresed over the last nine years.

    yr 1. Probationary Firefighter $39k
    yr 2. Firefighter?EMT $41K
    yr 3. Firefighter/EMT $41K
    yr 4. Engineer $45K (first promotion)
    yr 5. Engineer $47K
    yr 6. Lieutenant $53k (second promotion)
    yr 7. Lieutenant $55k
    yr 8. Lieutenant $55k
    yr 9. Lieutenant $58k

    I just took the Captains exam last month and am awaiting the results. Making it up to B.C is a long hard road that very few ever complete. It takes alot of hard work, determination, and schooling before that is even an option. I hope to make it to that rank someday and strive everyday for that. We get alot of guys that come in and act all cocky and whatnot, predicting they will be B.C by there 10th (for BC in my dept. you must have 10 yrs of service) and now 9,10 years later they are somehow still at the rank of firefighter. If your not going to put in the work, dont expect to be given the perks just because "you've been on the job longer"


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    Just curious, but why are you asking? Not trying to make assumptions, but are you already on the job?

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