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    Default Opinions on Lacrosse Boots?

    Hi all, Im new to the game, just got a pt gig at a semi rural dept that might avg 3-4 runs/day. Im looking for a pair of leather turnout boots but am not sure I have the 300$ plus for some of the Thorogoods or Pro Warringtons. I found some Lacrosse Boots on ebay for $130 and I think I can swing that. Any opinions?


    Thanks in advance

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    I know you said that 300 might be much for boots but I would recommend Globe boats, its like a sneaker, I bought a pair and they have been worth every penny. I thought at first 300 was much, so I bought a pair from a company that I could return them if not happy and man while others complain about their boots my feet feel great!!! There built to last!

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