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    Default a better diet? need help

    So i have bene working out but my diet is not the best. I have cut sweets out for the most part....but still have something sweet usually one every day or every other.

    i dont eat many fruits or vegetables

    i do eat apples and potatoes and all that but whats some good advice to start eating more fruits and veggies and getting on a healthy diet

    i do not want to die of a heart attack lol

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    How's about eating some of those fruits n' veggies? Seriously. If you becoming a firefighter is a career goal...SERIOUSLY..you have to do what you need to do! I don't think eating something sweet every day or every other day is going to sabotage your whole regimine. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!!! Might I suggest trying to find creative ways to incorporate veggies and fruits into your diet? Example: I used to not like oranges. The solution:I discovered by accident that I like oranges that are frozen, then left to thaw to the point where there are like slushy oranges....All natural Orange popcicles! After a number of years, I soon discovered I like cold, not frozen oranges. Try some fruit smoothies made by adding raw fruit to some vanilla yogurt, some skim or 1 % milk, and an egg white, and some whey protien. Youv'e got your post-workout protien or a good snack, some anti-oxidents, Vitamin C and D.
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    Breech31 is right, try different food combinations to enhance the taste of some fruits and veggies... For me it is pretty simple: Diet is great, but dont consider it a DIET, consider it a life-style change. Also, exercise is KEY. If calories burned dont at least equal or arent greater than calories taken in, you will not lose weight!!! Watch portions and calories. Some sweets are okay, but for the most part, keep it healthy and use the sweets as a treat and nothing more.

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