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    Default Screens block ventilation ops by HOW MUCH?

    Was asked a question the other day and can't find the answer anywhere. Its been driving me crazy that I can't find the answer so I thought I'd thow it out here:

    Does anyone know how much that screens in a window will block airflow during ventilation operations? I'm looking for a percentage. For some reason it seems like I've heard 75-80% of the air is blocked by the screen, but I can't verify it anywhere.

    Thanks for satisfying my curiosity!

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    I think it is 40%. But I read that many years ago, so take it for what it's worth.

    Rob Bieber
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    50%. Dont forget about curtains and stuff as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edpmedic View Post
    50%. Dont forget about curtains and stuff as well.
    x2^^ 50%...

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    Hey sally we are over here.............


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