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    luft...thanks for the info. sounds like the hours gig is really just a bit of a crap shoot either way. in the end, its a good cause, its a change of scenery, it pays pretty well no matter what way you look at it, and the people seem to be pretty decent. so. im pretty much all in. Set to go to houston Sept 21.

    only thing im concerned about is getting sent home early....

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    Default Aug. 31

    Hey Is Anyone Headed To Houston On Aug. 31,

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    I am heading down the 31st....
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    I am heading down the 31st...waiting for my tickets

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    This explains it all.. Great way to put it Keith.
    Quote Originally Posted by FIRESKEITH View Post
    THC030 and Peterbound

    I liked your post about things you liked. I don't really understand why so many get so angry about Iraq. YEah it has it issues but when your seeing the world, getting paid to do it why not go? Right? I know you 2 agree with me.

    Where else can you work where:

    FOOD 3 squares provided
    Laundry done 2-3 times weekly and folded for you
    Toilet paper FREE
    Utilities FREE
    Room FREE
    No commute
    Never buy groceries
    Never cook
    Forced to take a 10-14day vacation every 4 months
    and recieve $860.00 for flight and about $1,200.00 pay
    Serve your country and better yet
    serve the greatest military in the world and your
    base pay is $90,000.00

    You get to see what the media WON'T tell you in the USA and you can buy cars cheap from the PX/BX

    I know Iraq has it issues but what job in AMerica doesn't have its issues.

    Lay offs are more common than getting a cold now so Iraq is a Jem.

    Guys bring a good attitude cause all the bad stuff will be laughable.

    I paid my debt, my familys debt and paid for a house with my time spent in the sand and I saw the world doing it.

    Get on board while you can and remember laugh at the stuff that is bad and take your camera with a huge memory card.


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