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    Has anyone out there used the POK foam sticks on any class-B fires? If so what did you think? These are the nozzles that you insert what looks like a big bar of soap in the adapter, and there are seperate sticks for class-A and class B fires.

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    We tried them out....wasn't that impressed. We never could get the correct concentration and they ran out a lot quicker than a pail.

    It may have been that we weren't doing something correct, but it just didn't knock our socks off.

    Others may have had different results though....

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    I'm on two departments. One is a 5,000+ year department, the other does less than 30. We have these for the smaller of my two departments. While they do not offer nearly the flexibility, amount of foam, or proper concentrations that the built in systems have (like we have on my other department) it works. Because of our limited manpower, limited training time, and limited usage, these are a perfect tool for my vollie company. Would I recommend them for my other department; where we have guys on duty 24/7, with hours a day to train on a foam system, and the ability to use it at any fire, NOT AT ALL. But with the limited resources we have on the vollie side, it's a great alternative, IMHO.

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    We have the smaller ones on our two brush trucks and love them. We also have the larger one on our first due engine but its use is usually limited to mop up. When were tested the nozzles we had a train derail hauling pick up trucks I have heard those that were there said that If it wasn't for the foam sticks it would have never gotten put out (that was before I got on the dept)

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    Our Department utilizes the POK Foam Stick Nozzle on the units (2-Engines and 1-Mini-Pumper. They are all preconnected on 100' trash lines. The Type A stick in which we have utilized on many occasions with grass/brush and dumpster fires works great and I would greatly recomend. The Type B stick hasnt been utilized and Im not sure as to its effectiveness. We have played around with the B-Stick but not on live fires and the following is what we have observed with it:
    1. It doesnt create the foam blanket that one is use to seeing.
    2. I did after a few minutes of flowing the nozzle reduced the flow through the nozzle and filled a gallon sized zip-lock baggie where as it was observed that after a few seconds a film of foam product was floating on top of the water in the bag as if it were AFFF type foam.

    One thing that we have found that if you use the foam stick in the nozzle be sure to flush and clean it after each use and dont leave the unused portion in the nozzle. If you have an unused portion of a stick you can store it in a ziplock baggie for future use and it does not appear to hamper its integrety.
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