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    Default Radio Coverage in Commercial Buildings

    Anyone heard of or seen information on the National Fire Prevention Act of 2009? I just ran across an article dated August 5 from Urgent Communications magazine talking about it. Apprently this is a new federal law requiring commercial businesses to provide means for adequate communications coverage for public safety forces throughout their buildings. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    It is strictly a guideline, that a local area can use in making a law - just as the local area can already do.

    Basically, three story buildings have to have coverage in their basement.

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    Normally when cities are going to upgrade the radio system, they hire a communication consultant firm to work on these issues. They help the city and departments design and do all the leg work making sure that the proper amount of satellite towers are erected so that there aren’t any dead spots in the coverage area. This firm also will be on your side when dealing with the manufacturer such as Motorola, etc. to be sure your city and or departments aren't getting shafted.

    An in building solution is necessary if you are planning to switch to digital 800 P25 smart talk system. This is IF you would like to communicate on all floors of the building from the sub-sub-sub basement to the outside or say to the 50th floor of a building. Still there may be spots in the building, with all the steel and concrete that the radio will “honk” at you and not work. Moving a few feet left or right or near a window is one is there usually will allow you to transmit.
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    Default Building Systems

    Our newer high rises are required to put in a system that allows our 800mhz radios to operate in the building. Or should I say, improves the chances they will operate. No radio system is going to be 100%.

    I was in the stairwell on the 30th floor the other day and could not get out. However, once I moved into the hallway I could. Most of the time we can always hear, we may just not be able to transmit. We often switch to a direct channel (no repeater) and usually those work well.

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