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    Default Firefighting in CO

    Good morning

    I jumped on here to ask a few questions that can hopefully get answered. My name's Mike, I'm an EMT licensed in IL, though I recently heard that Colorado (especially Colorado Springs) is, currently, actively looking for EMT's to go through their paramedic and fire academy programs, paid in full, after signing a 3-year contract.

    I've heard this from a few independant sources, though I could not find anything online to support this. Is there a website or, better yet, a phone number to call to get any more information on this? As of right now, getting into paramedic school in Chicago is pretty tough, and since I'm not getting any younger (25 yrs old), any way to expedite this process would be a huge benefit.

    Any information or help would be greatly appreciated; thanks guys, and stay safe.


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    Since your post probably is your first, I am gone to cut you some slack.

    Have you heard of google? I just google this, and whammo in less than two mintues I found sometthing.

    See da link......

    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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    its extremely competitive here in colorado right now, most departments require some experience. Most departments right now are on a hiring freeze. My best advice is to take the drcog (even though the test is b.s.). It will allow you go for 15 departments at once. Check out colofirechiefs.org and they post positions in the classified section. Good luck

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