I am a volunteer captain in Eastern Missouri and I was recently informed that my cousin, also a volunteer in my department and a career firefighter lieutenant in a neighboring agency (& IAFF brother), was on his way back to Missouri from Colorado where he was returning from vacation with his mother-in-law, wife & 2 young children when the transmission in their 2001 Ford Taurus failed them and they are now stranded in Western Kansas (Goodland, KS) with a dead car, luggage, and two kids under 10 years old. He is not sure how he is going to get his family, much less the car, back to Lincoln County Missouri north of St. Louis but could certainly use any suggestions or favors from a fellow firefighter that area.

Please let me know if you guys come up with anything. They are holed up in a motel right now and are considering renting a U-haul or something and putting the kids up front and having the 2 remaining adults ride in the very stuffy cargo section of the truck just to get them home. A better idea would be welcome....especially since the weather is forecasted to turn hot over the next few days.

Thank for any help, I can be contacted @ netowen@hotmail.com . I also have a cell phone # for him if someone wants to contact him directly since I'm several hundred miles away.
Stay Safe All,
Rodney Owen, Silex MO
Northwest FPD