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    In Melbourne Australia we are well into flu season. No shortage of people showing flu symptoms including myself. Whether it is Piggy flu (H1N1) no one seems to know or care. My symptoms included 2 days of a bad headache followed by another 2 days of a sore throat and then bang the whole box and dice. Doesn't seem to bad but may be the psudoephedrine tablets are masking the full effects.
    Last week a piggery in NSW got piggy flu in their pigs and it is thought to have occured from a human.

    Appears pigs will be slaughtered for human consumption. Contrasts with my neighbour who had swine flu in his piggery 30 years ago when all pigs were destroyed and a Six year quantine placed on the property.

    I might have to convert to Judism or Islam and avoid pig flesh.
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