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    Hi ya Folks!

    A Swede here from the dark corners of Scandinavia! In December 08 I passed my last exam to get my certificate for Fire, Rescue and Safety Work (which is a education provided by The Swedish Rescue Agency). It's the Swedish academy for firefighters. But the work-situation here in Sweden is pretty rough so its hard to find a work as a Firefighter. Thats why I got the brilliant idea to try to find some work abroad...

    Does anyone have any idea if my certificate is worth a damned and if it's possible to try to apply for some jobs? Would be kinda awesome to be able to get the opportunity to work in another country and widen my horizon of the world and get some cultural exchange.

    Would be grateful for any kind of answers and tips how to go about to try to find a firefighter work abroad.

    Regards, Patrik

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    Because every fire department is different, it would best serve you by researching the individual fire departments online. They should have contact information, someone you can call or email, about hiring policies. Unless someone on this forum works directly with the folks who do the hiring, it would be near impossible to answer your question.

    Good luck,

    Rob Bieber
    Producer/Director "A Firefighter's Journey"

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