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    Default Strategies for high-rise vs. low-rise

    What are some of the similarities and differences that exist in the tactics and strategies used to combat high-rise fires versus low-rise fires?

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    1. Why did you post two threads with the same question?

    2. What exactly are you looking for?(school report or something)

    3. Pull line, enter building, put fire out> this applies to both very well..

    Very broad question, so there's my very broad answer..

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    "ok, hypothetically if this building was on fire.... we'd take a similar approach, let's put water on the fire"

    Type of construction?
    Size of fire?
    Extent, Loaction, Contents?
    Man power levels?

    Simply, put a line (the appropriate flow) in service and on the fire, support gets done (ventilation, s+r, utilities, ladders up....), stretch a back up or additional attack lines, until it goes out or we need to get out.
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