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    What does a Explorer do for a fire department. I am really intrested in the firefighting jobs. What does it require and any other info you think would be important info i may need.

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    Unfortunately the answer that is dependent on the department and what they choose to allow their explorers/juniors to do. Some are only allowed to do training and stuff at the station. Some are allowed to ride along on calls but only watch. And some, like ours, respond to calls and are part of on-scene operations like everyone else. Of course, I think our way is the best but like i said, it is different everywhere you go.

    Your best bet is to find someone in school who is part of it or just go down to the station and ask.
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    As nmfire was saying his way is the best. As our Dept does the same. We can ride along and do hands-on work on the scene. As our Chief always tells us, Explorers are better than FireFighters to a point.

    As we do things such as run and get tools on scene, to Holding a fan to air out the house. While Our community firefighters are busy using TIC's and everything else they do. We run the fan, go get tools, Charge Hoses, Run the Pump, Get a FireFighter Or a Resident a Bottle of water, And Help our Dept, as for our community Departments roll hoses at the end of the day!

    And thats only half of what we do! But I hope this intrests you enough to become apart of a great program!

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