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    Default Fitness Equipment Suggestions?

    I've joined a committee on my dept. that will be heading up the purchase of some fitness equipment. We have some older, but functional free weights. It is the general concensus that the flat bench and 'power cage' could be changed out for newer ones, but again, they are still functional. My thoughts were to purchase a stepper or perhaps something else. Further, my feelings are, how many of the firefighters (we are a vollie dept.) are actually going to use it? I feel of the 40 current members, perhaps five at best will use it..and that's being generous. I also don't know exactly how much $$ we have to work with.

    Any suggestions, feedback, or thoughts would be appreciated!

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    our department has a few weights but we mostly do body weight exercises and some of the bigger guys use v-max weight vest.

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    If you already have usable free weights then some sort of Aerobic equipment is a good addition to the gym. There is a wide variety of stepper and cycle equipment so it is important to get something that people will use, preferably something that some members use already and are familiar with so I suggest you consult widely before buying.
    If you can afford it, something that will ajust workout to maintain a heart rate can be particularly useful but steer clear of anything too big, cumbersome and expensive. Best cheaper value for your buck can often be a rowing machine.
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    I am a fan on dumbbells and kettlebells for weights. I feel that they work you better and tend to be safer then traditional free weights. As for cardio equipment whatever you do buy quality not the cheapest. You have to remember these things are going to get used like a commercial gym, not like a treadmill in your bedroom. An old captain of mine always said you either pay on the front end or the back end, either way you pay to play. Buy for quality and value not "o this one is on sale."

    Remember you can have the best equipment in the world but if you use it improperly it is going to not work you as well or even worst hurt you. Get your members training on the equipment prior to use. You wouldn't buy your guys a new tool for the fireground without training. the same applies for here.

    Lastly make sure you check with your workers comp insurance to ensure that your members are covered whilie working out.

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