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    Hey guys. I just recently joined the fire department in my small town. I have been getting ready to get my firefighter level 1 and was wondering if there is anything i should know or some helpfull hints.

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    Honestly the best advice is simply to take it serious and study. You will retain most of it (a lot of common sense) but some things will take some practice and reading to retain. If you slack off at all you will likely struggle.. if you apply yourself and take it serious you shouldn't have any troubles. Best of luck!

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    Show up for class. Try to do at least some of the reading. It ain't rocket science.

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    I would get familiar with the gear and scba (wearing it, donning it, crawling with it, and being in the dark cramped places)

    The level 1 class isn't going to get you much pump time either.

    if possible ask the guys at the station for some good advise too.

    As far as when you get your card and are able to run on the department, then you find that there is still sooooooooooo much you'll need to learn.

    Ears open.
    Originally Posted by madden01
    "and everyone is encouraged to use Plain, Spelled Out English. I thought this was covered in NIMS training."

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    Read and study the chapters PRIOR to the class. This should help eliminate the "deer in the headlights" look . As far as reading/studying, if they use powerpoint presentations, don't rely on the slides to tell you everything. The slides are an overview of the topic, not all inclusive. I have often heard the excuse for missing a question on a test is because "it wasn't in the powerpoint", the powerpoint isn't designed to teach everything.

    You need to practice the skills OFTEN, we in the fire service learn and master skills through repetition. Most important - God gave you two ears and one mouth. You should do twice as much LISTENING as you do TALKING!

    Good Luck!

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    some of the stuff may seem simple and almost idiotic like how to make a hydrant, pack a hose bed, throw a ladder, etc. But thats the foundation for everything else we do, so you need to be a master of these things. Its easy to do each of these as isolated tasks in training, but its much different at a real fire when conditions are far from optimal and you are doing all of these tasks in coordination. F those things up and fires go very badly.

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    -Listen closely and ask questions when needed.

    -Show up early to everything.

    -Do not say this is how they did it over at XYZ department.

    -Take notes and SAVE your notes for the rest of your career. I still have academy notes 20 years old.

    -You are never fully trained. Do not get comfortable after the initial training.

    -Treat people nice and with respect at all times.

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    Eyes/Ears open and mouth shut (except for meaningful quesitons)

    Know where every piece of equipment is on the apparatus (if you are the first one to find it, you will usually be the one to use it).

    Listen to your officers

    Keep taking classes, you will never be done

    Try to get to a big firefighter show (Baltimore Expo is a great start)
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    When I studied for mine, I had copies of each chapter (it was all messed up since all they would sell me was the current third edition; I needed second edition, which is what the state was testing from, so I borrowed one and photocopied the whole thing), and I'd take a different chapter to work each day. As a lifeguard, we got a 15 minute break every hour and fifteen minutes, so on break I'd just read whatever chapter I brought that day. And re-read it. And so forth. After a few weeks, I had the entire book memorized.

    Of course, everything I knew was outdated, but I passed the test for that and Firefighter II a couple of months later!

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    It is really basic stuff. Essentially applying what you learned in elementry school to real life. That said, still read and review the book throughout the class, and make sure that you stay physically fit. We have dropped/failed far more folks for being out of shape than for failing the written or practical application final exams.
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    Spend a little less time on the internet , getting advise from guys you dont know. Find an experenced , respected (watch and listen and you will soon find out who is all talk and who you can rely on when it hit the fan) member and ask him relevant questions. Also in class dont try and hide a statement (of your purported knowledge) as a "question" That will tick a good instructor off in a hurry. Two ears one mouth has never steered anyone wrong.

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