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    Default argo 8x8 firefighting vehicle

    WE have a chance to buy a with a 100 gallon tank skid unit in it with class A foam. It has front remote nozzle and full roll cage. It was built for the army as a firefighting vehicle. Does anyone have any experience with this type of vehicle? How useful has it been for you?

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    When I worked for the State Forest Service here, there were a couple stationed in our district. They were for use in their respective areas, and they were not subject to be trailered to Fires elsewhere. In my opinion, you are better off passing up the chance to get one. Parts Availability, A Mechanic who knows what he's doing on one, and similar concerns would guide my decision on wether one would be useful. I get the idea that money isn't plentiful in your area, and these things can be expensive to keep and operate. If you haven't operated one, be aware that you shouldn't park it in the station and run it like a Truck, it needs to be Trailered to the Fire Scene.
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    Ours has been pretty useful we mainly use ours to haul people and equipment around at brush fires and for off road rescues (we have a removeable bracket for a stokes basket built on) Sometime in the future we will get a removable water tank to place on it but that will probably be a while away I would recommend getting the 8 wheel version over the 6 wheel

    here is a news article about it:

    and some pictures (the one marked elliston):

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    The smaller utility vehicles can be an asset, but depends on your area. If you have a lot of terrain that is suitable for an argo go with it - if it is less suitable for an argo, maybe look at something like ours. It is a Ranger 6x6 with a skid unit. Skid unit has a place for a stokes or spine board. In our are it works very well and has been low maintenance so far (2yrs).

    have a look at it:

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    If it's free, why not...

    If you are spending any money on it, then consider something made commercially, like John Deere, Polaris...etc.
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