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    Default pro warrington station boots

    I just ordered my first set.

    Never had 'em. can I do the "wet soak" break in method or do you have another suggestion.

    I've soaked my Chippewa's, my Total Fire Group's and Redwing's and all broke in nicely. However, some brands are glued together (Rocky's), not sewn and they will fall apart if soaked.

    any experience with the pro warrington ?


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    A buddy of mine soaked them and they were fine.
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    Soak them in a bucket of water. It takes the stiffness out if them.
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    Roger That.

    I soaked 'em and I'm wearing them now.

    Feet are pruney, but I was expecting it.

    The boots look nice, seem well built, sewn goodyear welt, etc. If they were glued, I would have sent them back.

    I wore the "Bruno" boot for several years and went through them pretty quickly. The dept bought them yearly, so I didn't care. The sole was a "blown on" foam rubber that was pretty soft. after they wore in, the boot was comfortable but the tread would dissolve and become slick as hell. I've landed on my *** several times on wet concrete because of this and vowed to never wear them again.

    The "bruno" also had the habit of absorbing water, oil, fuel that you walked through and you carried the smell forever.

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    Yeah, good foot wear is very important, especially in this line of work. Our department gives us 5.11 Tacticals. They're the best boot I've ever owned. And the meet all the NFPA codes on absorbency. Super comfortable and well made.

    Best wishes on your new footwear.

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