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    Default Getting out of the military, going to a fire dept

    I'm currently an active duty Marine stationed in California. I'm starting a fire school out here next semester so I can get whatever I need to get done, done. I was just wondering how hard it is to transfer certs from the west coast, to the east coast. Because, I'm from Florida. Or if it would even be a good idea to do a fire school out here? Because I'm not sure if I'ld have to do a fire school in Florida when I get out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

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    Talk to the fire departments you would like to work for. Call them and ask that question. All departments are unique and have their own requirements. Become well informed with their hiring policies and use that as your guide.

    Good luck,

    Rob Bieber
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    It all depends on reciprocity. You need to find out what accreditation you would be getting, (state, IFSAC, Pro board.. whatever) and find out if Florida will accept or offer reciprocity on the certs you earn. Good luck!


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    Alright. Thanks for the replies. Do you guys think it would be benificial at all to do the fire school out here anyway? That way I can get a little bit of knowledge about all of it before I go back.

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