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    I and a friend are firefighters with a small department in Montana. We have developed and have a provisional patent application on a safety accessory for a hand held radio, with specific application to the motorolas that we use. How can we sell the idea? Who can we talk to? We are really in over our heads!


    Gerry Geske

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    You need to get in touch with a marketing firm. The good ones don't require any $$$ up front but they do take a significant chunk of the profits. Just go to Google and type in "Marketing a new product" or "New Product Marketing Firms". You do have a problem though. Your invention has an extremely narrow consumer base in the big picture. You probably will not be able to use a big firm that markets to a large consumer base. You will need to find one that specialize in target marketing.

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    And have really really good insurance. Safety products are liability prone.

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