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    Unable to locate any recent postings via the seach function regarding this. We are in the process of developing specs on a CAFS Engine. This will be a short wheelbase unit (30' OAL maximum) 750 booster tank, midship pump with rescue style compartments. Currently weighing our options for the pumper body (Stainless, Aluminum, Polybody) and we are looking for feedback (pro & con) from anyone currently operating apparatus with the Polybody. Any specific issues with this type of construction that you have found ?
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    Biggest single area of "concern" is how the paint will stay on long term. If buying for 20years or for 5years.

    There have been problems with differences in thermal expansion of poly bodys in intense sun that causes many problems (as jammed doors). Sunny side expands, shade side does not. As I recall reading, the widely followed Rattlesnake Co FD pumpers had polybodys with severe problems in this area.

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