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    Default Honda Goliath Pump

    Hello all,

    I'm looking into getting a small pump to help in areas our brush trucks can't get to without a forestry plow clearing a path. Funds are very limited so a nice $2000 + pump isn't looking possible. We currently have a Hale portable float pump, but would like to add a compact pump to the fleet we can just set on a dock and trust. I have all the details on the Honda Goliath (6.5 hp), but would really like some hands on knowledge/experience from those who have used one. Mainly the reach with a few sections of 1 1/2, pros, cons, the normal questions.

    Thanks and have a safe day.............

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    a small Honda powered trash pump (or Briggs if you prefer) 2 - 3" suction and discharge, will run you less than $1000 from various power equipment dealers or through Northern Tool, while they may not have high pressure discharge, they are capable of moving considerable volumes of water, making them good for refilling brush trucks (or tankers) or supplying handlines (1 1/2" or smaller) or even sprinkler systems
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    Smile trash pumps

    Check with dept in your area most county trucks came with a pump in the rear. (80 models) they may have 1 sitting around not being used dont know were your at but we have 3 sitting around need little work to run tune up oil change were in texas gulf coast area aroth@dow.com

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    Honda or Briggs don't waste you $ on a consumer grade engine. Ensure you're getting a commerical engine. More $ but worth it.

    The main difference is that the Honda GX-series engines are commercial duty while the GC160 is considered residential duty. Other differences:

    GX-series engines have low-oil shut-offs.
    The GC160 engine has an aluminum bore where the GX-series have cast iron bores, giving the Honda GX- engines a longer life.
    GX-series have fuel-shutoff valve so that if they are run infrequently you can run the carb dry.
    GX-series have on/off switch where the GC-series have on/off combined into the throttle control.
    You'll find a lot of metal on the GX-series and plastic on the GC. For example, the gas tank on the GC is plastic; on the GX-series it’s steel.
    The GX-series engines is that they are available with an alternator
    Honda warranties the GX-series engines for 36 months and the GC engine for 3 months.

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