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    Hey all,
    As i see most departments have an explorer/cadet program now.

    Well, We have one, But we really are not doing well.
    We are ran by the BSOA.

    Mostly, I would like to know does each Fire Dept create thier own ByLaws For thier Explorers? If not, Where can I find the Rules & Regulations and ByLaws For TN's Vol. Fire Dept?

    More questions might come up soon!

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    Default SOG's

    In my Explorer Post, our rules and regulations are a part of the Department's SOG's

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    We have our own department By-Laws about how the Jr program is run.

    A couple years ago we rewrote them modeled after the NVFC Junior Program guidance.

    The NVFC has a lot of real good information on Junior programs.

    The area Chief's Association also has a standardized set of SOG's for Jr programs that several departments in our area use.

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    All Explorer posts are run by the Boy Scouts of America.

    Our department has specific SOG's for the explorers. You can see them here at their website:
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    Our explorer post has their own set of rules specific to explorer related things. These rules are a combination of our own policy, state law, and BSA rules. Explorers are also bound by departmental SOP and rules that apply to everyone in the department.

    All the stuff can be found on our website. As you'll notice, its been a rocky road for us this year. But none the less, everything you are looking for should be on there.

    I'm in the process this year of writing incident specific SOG's for the explorers. And at the same time completely overhauling the training program for new members. As I finish that stuff up, I'll put it online too. Feel free to pillage it.
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    Thanks For the input everyone! I greatly apperciate it!

    Now onto one more thing that our Dept came up with.

    My department is really small (smallest in the county) .
    We have put in many many grants through FEMA etc. But only a few pulled through.

    Such as, New turn-out gear for FireFighters, And new Radio's For them also.

    As small as we are, We can't really keep up with what the surrounding departments have.

    If any dept is up for donations to us, We would greatly apperciate it.
    And yes, I know most of you donate to surrounding departments, Which is great, But if you have any extra tools,gear,safety equipment, etc etc that you are not donating to someone already, Please Contact me Via email : ... Or just post here. Thanks alot!

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