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    Default Rescue Tool Mounting

    My company just got a Rescue 42 truck kit and Holmatro Cutter, spreader, ram setup. Looking for ideas and pics of mounting. We have limited compartment space. Looking into angling the tools so they rest in a cradle at 60 degrees to make it easier to pick them off the truck...any ideas and PICS are greatly appreciated.

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    With our Rescue 42's, we took an 1/8" aluminum plate and had our mechanic weld a pair of 5/8" aluminum rods on an angle upwards so as to create a pocket for the feet to hang from. We then secured the bottoms to a Pac Mount with Velcro to keep them from swinging. It is really simple and works very well.

    You're best bet is to have somebody who can fabricate brackets come in and tell them what you want. I went through a bunch of different designs for brackets with our mechanic when we did our retrofit working out the details of our rescue compartment.

    Here's a pic of our tools mounted in the rear compartment.


    And one that you can kind of see the brackets in the corner holding the R-42's.


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    Zephyr Industries offers 60 degree mounting brackets for the majority of Rescue Tool mounting brackets

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    www.zephyrindustries.com or ask for Doug at 419 281 4485

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