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    Default Fire Apparatus Builder

    Ran across a useful tool for those looking at buying a firing tanker. http://www.midwestfire.com/create-a-...ck-builder.php. Pretty easy to use and it emails you a PDF of your configuration.

    The Rosenbaur truck builder website is also pretty helpful when trying to build a custom fire truck, so it's worth checking out as well.

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    We are trying to build a spec for a new truck right now.

    We have played with this a committee a couple times. It has helped with some of the "what would it look like if we did this" type questions.

    It isn't comprehensive, but I don't think it was supposed to be. It did help us get to a starting point.

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    Thumbs up Fire Apparatus Specifications

    Anyone trying to spec a new unit should get the NFPA 1901 -2009 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus. www.nfpa.org
    It has a section called annex B, Apparatus Purchasing Specification Form, that is a 20 page long check list/questionair about all of the things you need to think about when specing a unit. I think the whole standard is $45 on line. Worth the $45 for just the Annex B section.

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    Most mfg has similar "tools" on their website. Why? Generate sales leads. AND they hope you'll use the spec generated as your bid document. As the spec will include items "how we build a apparatus" which will eliminate their competitors. If spec says "subframe shall be made of galvanized welded unobtaininium which is then dip painted neon green" it makes them unique/no competitor. Or perhaps specifies bent alum body which then elminates extruded body.
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