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    Default Who are the players in Afghanistan?

    There are lots of companies out there advertising for positions in Afghanistan.
    Most I think are looking to put lists together for possible contracts they are bidding on.

    But who are the players right now?

    Flour? Dyncorp? KBR? TAOS? Agility? First Support Systems? ITT?

    My understanding is that KBR has the contract now.... Flour and Dyncorp have a piece of the contract or are taking over the KBR part? That Dyncorp is using ITT for supplying personnel? That Flour will be using Taos? That Agility and Taos are the same company?

    Very confusing here.......lol

    Does anyone work there already in Afghanistan for any of these companies, and knows the real story? not specualtion, we can all do that pretty well, but the real information on who people should be applying to?

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    I know KBR had the fire contracts in Kuwait and they were a large contract provider in Afghanistan also, but I don't know what all services it included. Also, rumor has it that their contract has been significantly reduced and someone else is taking over their duties in Afghanistan. Again, I don't know the scope. Sorry!

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    Curiosity is killing me.. What are the websites to get into the overseas business? Whats it do for the resume going across? Hard to get job when get back? Safe Firefighting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannymcclure21 View Post
    Curiosity is killing me.. What are the websites to get into the overseas business? Whats it do for the resume going across? Hard to get job when get back? Safe Firefighting...

    Well to answer your last question= Took me 5 months to find a fire dept job, no where near the pay I was making benefits suck insurance really sucks!!I went from a Captain position at a municipal FD to an industrial plant tailboard firefighter (but)I am 40 years old with 15 years in the service.I applied outside the fire service with no luck I was told numerous times we don't want to take a chance hiring you then you go back into the fire service.
    I want complain I paid my debts had fun meet some great guys that still stay in contact with me.Would I do it again at my age and hope to get back in the fire service no I would not. But If I was young and did not have a family to support yep I would go for it, they would have to run me out.All I can hope for is that the economy picks up and more jobs start to open up. I'm looking at benefits over pay at my age now. Insurance is my main concern and lot of company's and fire dept's are cutting insurance and benefits to save money.

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