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    Default Mobile Data Terminals vs Ruggedized Laptops

    Our department is installing Tiburon’s MobileComm (AVL, CAD, etc.) software into about 50 units in the near future. We have been looking at ruggedized laptops (Panasonic and General Dynamics), but would also like to consider MDTs. It is our intention to leave the hardware mounted in the apparatus at all times, so having the ability to remove the laptop for other uses is not a consideration.

    Any advice on this issue would be appreciated.


    Mike Linkins
    Polk County (FL) Fire Rescue

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    Our MDT is a Panasonic Toughbook. Never had any experience with General Dyanmics. The PT is good though. I have dealt with a lot of laptops and they seem to not necessarily be the best but they do get the job done and are dirt and water resistant. We have hod ours for about a year. If firemen can't break it in a year then it must be tough. They do get hot so be sure that they are not mounted in a cubby hole.

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    We have been using the same tough books in our patrol cars for the past 9 years, with little to no hardware problems at all. They are used to run sheriff's pack and as a mdt for ncic and now some will also run e-citation. They have taken a beating and are still going.

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    We're using the MDT's by Acura Embedded Systems. Couple of our Chief's saw them being demo'd in San Diego this year and were really impressed. They had the cpu in a paint shaker while doing operations with the touch screen monitor. It's worked out well so far. We've running a mapping program, Garmin GPS, Hurst's Crash Recovery Software, and the electronic version of the ERG. The Chief also has Firehouse Mobile on the unit in his truck. Has worked out well for us.

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