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    I am currently a senior in high school and I am really interested in the Air Force's fire protection apprentice program as a career. I have already taken my ASVAB but I have a few questions. I have been told that with enough civilian training and experience that the Air Force can guarantee you the job, provided that you pass through all of your training with them. I'm curious as to how much training and experience is required for this if it is indeed true. I'm also curious as to what happens when you are on-duty but not fighting fires. I'm sure that there is training and taking care of equiptment, but I have been told that it is not unusual to have to do unrelated "grunt" work on base. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated, I would ask a recruiter but I figured that I would be better off going straight to the source. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reuter352 View Post
    I would ask a recruiter but I figured that I would be better off going straight to the source. Thanks.
    Good choice.

    Like the old joke goes: How do you know when a recruiter's lying? His lips are moving.....

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    The AF can guarantee you the job IF the job is open, and IF you qualify based on your ASVAB score. Prior experience and training mean nothing at MEPS.

    When you're on duty but not fighting fires, which is going to be EVERY day you're on duty, you'll be training. A lot of training. In 4+ yrs of AD I got a stack of certificates probably 2" thick.

    When I was in, FD was pretty much exempt from all the "grunt" work around the base, but that was longer ago than I care to admit....

    Good luck, FF is the best non-flying job in the USAF, IMO.

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