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    Default Table Top Platform

    I stumbled upon this while looking at another training facility's website, and thought "Hey, that's pretty neat," and then thought "Hmm, I wonder if anyone actually uses it." This table top platform is at the Northeastern llinois Public Safety Training Academy. Officers and other executive-level fire department personnel can use the table top to practice staging, approaches, and so forth. My wife and I are considering building one to let other agencies in the region borrow. And besides, who doesn't love to play with little fire trucks? If you had access to this, would you actually use it?

    Kudos to NIPSTA for a nifty idea.

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    that's pretty neat. Any plans or directions on how to actually build this thing? It would be good for inclement weather training.

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    A great prop! Try to pattern it according to your local area.

    Run a few scenarios on the table and then move it to outside hands-on.
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    I made up something simalar just not as detailed. I took a sheet of plywood and painted roads in our district on it and used some of my childhood H0 train set houses. Not quiet to scale but it works and the firefighters really enjoyed it. It gives a visual to what we talk about in training and I actually made the firefighters move the matchbox firetrucks just like they were driving them.

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