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    Default Driver Operator VS Engineer

    Our department (Newark) in the Bay Area will soon merge with the Alameda County FD.( ALCO). We currently have a DO position not an engineers rank. We are all required to drive by the time we have been employed 3 years. ALCO has an engineers position, and we are being told that we cannot use seniority to fill the 9 engineer positions that will be needed after the merger. Some type of test according to the union lawyer has to be given to promote 9 FF's to the rank of engineer. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    I would say it depends upon the agreements with the merger. If you are being absorbed into a larger dept and if you are falling under their rules then that is what you follow. If your dept is seniority based and theirs is test based and you have to take the test for promotion then so be it. If you are going into a dept that has that rank and there was a test for that position, then I don't see why you couldn't test for them. If members of the absorbing dept had to take a test for the promotion then why should you guys just fall into the rank because of seniority?

    I'm guessing officers fall into an officer rank and so forth, but maybe that isn't happening. If you don't have that Engineer rank, then I would say the more senior firefighters should be able to test for those positions, after the dept should keep consistency so there can't be any disputes in the future of "so and so didn't have to test why should I" type of thing. You have to remember you are going into a dept with more ranks and despite the fact your coworkers all have to drive you don't have the rank.

    On our dept, we do have the rank, but we have many FF's who will work out of grade and drive the apparatus. We are not required to drive within a certain amount of time, but many new personnel come on with a DO cert, but won't be able to make engineer until they meet the requirements set by the dept.
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