Though I sit and morn for having lost more of my family members, I remember that the pass on to a better place, and are welcomed by those who have had to pay the price before. Lt. Charles "Chip" McCarthy and firefighter Jonathan Croom, Rest in Peace my brothers, knowing that your worldly requirements have been fulfilled, and the the big department in the sky has called you home. To the Families, right now, stay close with the world of fire and lean on each other, so that as you morn and cry, and remember, so shall we, along your side. We know your love for them, because it is our same love for our brothers, whom are your brother, father, uncle, husband and fiancee. City of Buffalo, Remember your fallen, help there home life families, and Honor these men for being willing to have made the ultimate sacrifice in attempt to rescue a life....

Rest In Peace My Brothers, and Iwill see you when I am called up there my self.

Jason A. Myer